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Pre-Order Suspect Parts Debut LP

September 8, 2017

Pre-Order is now up for our next release, the debut LP from apocalyptic pop supergroup, Suspect Parts.


      It’s Fall. The leaves are turning, the wind is howling, and your speakers will soon be BLASTING with the long awaited S/T debut long player from Suspect Parts, dropping everywhere this October courtesy of Oops Baby Records (US) and Taken By Surprise Records (Germany), with pre-order available NOW.

      There’s a lot of debate over where exactly Suspect Parts hail from: Los Angeles? Portland? Berlin? London? Since all four members cut their teeth touring the globe in some of the best contemporary punk/powerpop outfits of the past decade (Clorox Girls, Maniac, The Briefs, Ripchord, Red Dons, Cute Lepers, Radio Dead Ones, et al.) it could be argued that this supergroup is from everywhere… and thus, nowhere.

   And so finally, after four fantastic seven-inch releases over the past decade, the group has finally found the perfect place to call their US home with the best and brightest rock ’n’ roll label today, Oops Baby Records.

   At its surface, Suspect Parts is the sharply dressed outfit of Justin, Sulli, Andru and Chris. Examine these parts more closely and we find a hodgepodge of influences ranging from 60s British Invasion to 70’s UK/Irish punk and California powerpop seamlessly fused together to form their self-branded “Apocalypse Pop.”  If the apocalypse hasn’t quite made it here by October 6, the 10 tunes on this album ought to get the job done.

    Destined to sneak into plenty of the year’s “Best Of” lists, Suspect Parts’ debut album is coming October 6, so now all you have to do is not miss it by PRE-ORDERING YOUR COPY NOW!


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