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Brooklyn, NY

Their state-side debut single Kreegah!, Hip Hop Hooray b/w You Don’t Love Me (Anymore), was released on Oops Baby Records on February 22nd on 7″ vinyl and digitally. Shark? released their debut LP, True Waste, on May 24, 2011. In 2010, Shark? released its first single in the UK with Look Behind You Records on 7″ vinyl.


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True Waste
True Waste
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“The songs are strongly written and effortlessly delivered. The vocals soar with unique character over a band that rocks in service of the greater good. There’s no bullshit.” Impose Magazine: Shark?, Hip Hop Hooray/You Don’t Love Me Anymore; Shark?? Kick Ass

“Modern Lovers, Go Betweens, Pavement, and, sorry, but the Strokes, at least insofar as they’ve perfected the sound of not caring while clearly caring very much. It’s grimy and blaring, but there’s also a noticeable elegance to their best material, where they build something beautiful and serious, only to knock it down and laugh at it. Lo-fi with a purpose, basically.” The L Magazine: 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear

“Shark? is definitely a young band on the rise in the city right now, playing slews of shows and putting out self-released and/or free EPs and singles seemingly every time they put pick to guitar and stick to drum. Kevin Diamond — lead singer and songwriter for the band — is apparently something of a dynamo, able to turn out high-quality pop gems encased in fuzz and crunch like most people brew coffee in the morning.” StereoactiveNYC

“These guys are probably the most fun band playing music in New York right now. They let everything go on stage, and that means buckets of sweat and undeniably catchy rock tunes.” Pop Tarts Suck Toasted: 10 Bands To Watch For In 2010

“These are tunes that will not leave your head no matter how many times you smash it with a hammer. They stick there, they force you to sing-a-long, and you will probably love them more then you love your cat.” Pop Tarts Suck Toasted: Band of the Week

“Seeing a band that’s happy to put on a show — a real, we’re-not-phoning-it-in show — is always refreshing, but add in pop writing that channels Ted Leo and Pavement, and it’s impossible to go wrong.” The Deli Magazine