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Personal and the Pizzas

Personal and the Pizzas

electronic press kit

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Personal and the Pizzas’s 7″ single, “Diet Crime & Delinquency,” was released on November 22, 2011 on Oops Baby Records. Their debut LP, Raw Pie was released in 2010 by 1-2-3-4 Go! Records on vinyl, and Burger Records on cassette. The Pizzas have also released a slew of excellent 7″ and other releases on G.O.O.C. Entertainment, Rob’s House, Bubbledumb, Search and Destroy Records, Windian, Red Lounge, Bachelor Records, Trouble in the Mind, and Florida’s Dying/Total Punk.


Personal and the Pizzas win because they steal from all of the right people, they have a solid schtick, and they write awesome, often hilarious songs. Plus they keep a certain level of menace in their songs that is missing in a lot of the bands out there writing pop songs. And when you get this in the mail make sure you buy a 6 pack, and a pepperoni pizza to complete the experience.

“Listen If: You love the Ramones, have outgrown Weird Al, and your sense of humor is twisted as Little Caeser’s crazy bread.”
Rolling Stone

“Claiming to hail from the Garden State, the band heaps a Benny Tudino’s-sized slice of ham onto songs about chains, brass knuckles, and, most importantly, pizza–the cornerstone of any punk’s diet.”
Village Voice

“(Personal and the Pizzas) Combine a generous helping of ’60s garage influence with a dash of pop sensibil-ity, and top it off with Joey Ramone’s vocal styling, and what results is vintage-tinged but far from uninspired.”
Onion AV Club

Brass Knuckles