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Barreracudas, “Can Do Easy” (LP) Out August 18, Pre-Order August 11

August 11, 2015

Barreracudas new LP, Can Do Easy is coming out August 18, on Oops Baby Records, with pre-orders now available HERE.

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Like an arcade game of Whack-A-Mole, the Barreracudas are known to pop up only now and again just to remind audiences of their massive stage presence and their unshakeable hook-driven songs. They are the biggest smart aleck’s in rock ‘n’ roll today. And now they’re finally back with their sophomore release, Can Do Easy, on Oops Baby Records!

Keep reading for more details and release party info!

With 12 tracks packed into 31 minutes, Can Do Easy is a testament to the band’s catchy-as-hell songwriting skills that triumph in brevity, all with that sense of wise-guy lyricism that only the ‘Cudas could produce. These are numbers that can be sung along to on the first listen through, including a revamped version of last year’s “Promises” single, which got much airplay through the fine folks at WFMU – rising up to # 1 on the WFMU charts – and beyond.

Here is the summer’s most fun album, destined to make “Best of 2015” lists by year’s end. From the foot-stomping opener of “The Jerk” to the humorous howl of “Shampoo” to the hip-shaking melodies of “Diet Coke”… these are songs to which audiences will no-doubt raise fists, raise hell and restart their love affair with rock ‘n’ roll.

Pre-order for the new Barreracudas LP, Can Do Easy is now available, exclusively HERE.  All pre-orders will ship on August 17.  Super limited edition white vinyl will be available while it lasts!

The ‘Cudas will be in Brooklyn to celebrate the release with a co-release party with the Baby Shakes on August 14 at Union Pool.  Church Bats and The Say La Vees will also be playing! Avi Spivak and William Martin will be spinning tunes all night.

The good times will roll through the weekend an Oops Baby Extravaganza on Saturday, August 15 at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn, with Dirty Fences, Tough Shits, Wyldlife and a Special Ass Guest.  Featuring DJs Andy Animal, and Barreracudas! Check out fliers below.


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