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Diet, Crime & Delinquency SOLD OUT, Repress COMING SOON

January 10, 2012

Listen up ya little jerks! We’re all out of “Diet, Crime & Delinquency” by Personal & the Pizzas until next month when the second press comes in.

In the meantime, there may be some copies floating around at Goner or InSound if you can get your hands on them. Or you can always get it through iTunes because iTunes NEVER SELLS OUT!

On the fence? Here are some things people are saying about the record:

“Their gimmick might have made them noticeable, but it’s not the core of their identity, and it’s certainly not what makes them special. That would be their ability to masterfully write songs in the classic formula while sounding fresh…’Brain Damage,’ might be the best song the band has recorded to date.” – Punk News

“This band literally encompasses everything that rock and roll should be.” – Frankenstein Sound System

“[O]f all the bands that get lumped into the Children of Joey Ramone category, I think Personal and the Pizzas have crafted the best power pop ballad I’ve heard in quite some time…” – Impose Magazine

“This is a three-song seven-inch by a band from Jersey that are so Ramonesy I am pretty sure they just changed a few words to preexisting songs…Honestly I don’t really give a fuck about any band that isn’t Ramones-core.” – Vice

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