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Coming Soon: Cassette Compilation

July 29, 2011

We’re happy to announce our next release will be a cassette compilation with brand new tracks from Oops Baby artists as well as Davila 666, X-Ray Eyeballs, and more.

On August 23rd we will be releasing our first ever cassette and boy is it a doozy. As mentioned above it will have new tracks from Stalkers and Shark? as well as tracks from Davila 666 and their side project Los Ardillos, Dikes of Holland, X-Ray Eyeballs, German Measles and more. We will post the tracklist and the artwork in the coming weeks and have it ready for pre-order as well. Make sure to get one because they are extremely limited and will go very fast. Plus, chicks dig guys listenin’ to their walkman, everyone knows that dude.

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