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Stalkers “Lady Sonia” Seven-inch Out Today

May 31, 2011

The day has finally come, the long awaited “Lady Sonia” seven-inch from NYC’s Stalkers is out and selling quickly.

Ummm, wait what were we saying? Got distracted by that fine ass broad(tits) on the album cover. Oh right, Stalkers seven-inch!! There are 400 copies on black vinyl and an extremely limited run of 100 on blue vinyl. The black vinyl is available at our online store as well as Cake Shop in the Lower East Side, and Academy Records in Williamsburg. The only place you can get the blue vinyl is our online store, and there aren’t too many of those blue ones left after the pre-order. The songs are also available on iTunes if you like don’t have a turntable or something.

The A-side of the seven-inch is “Lady Sonia” and the B-side is “When We Get There” which can be heard right here, like seriously right below this text, you should totally like check it out, then totally buy the blue vinyl for yourself, and the black vinyl for someone else.

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